thumbnailIn the village Kotišina, near the entrance to the garden, next to the cliff, are the “Great castle” walls – fortress from the 17th century, which impresses with its looks.

At the site of the present church of St. Ante in Kotišina, which was built in the period from 1901 to 1903, was the old church for which there is evidence that in 1672 was restored, but nothing was preserved except for a sign that such a memorial plaque built into the apse of the present church, and talks about the consecration of the church conducted by 27. 4. 1681 (during the Turkish rule) Bishop Lišnjić.

In the center of the Kotisina there is a birth memorial house Jesuit priest and poet, father Petar Perica, born in 1881. Father Petar Perica with many prominent Croatian patriots was brutally murdered in 1944 on an island Daksi. He is also known as the author of popular Croatian Marian hymn “Heavenly Lady, Queen of Croats” and “To the heavens let it be heard.” The house has been restored and decorated, and can be visited by all interested.